Writing For Travelicious: Is it Legit? (Part 1)

For the longest time I wanted to make a blog. But I can’t find any motivation and ideas on what to actually write about. And the thought of exposing my mediocre writing skills to a public audience is just unnerving. I used to write mindless thoughts on an online diary when I wanted to get something out of my system but it was for my eyes only.

The opportunity to realize this long lost dream came a few weeks back. I saw an ad on Facebook looking for freelance travel writers for a website called Travelicious. I’ve been inclined on travelling for a while now so I thought, hey why not, and so I opened the link that will soon lead me to the creation of this blog.

Travelicious.world is a website which contains travel guides for different countries. It offers to pay $40 aud (~P1500) for a 1000-word article. It seems like a good deal right? But here’s the catch, you’ll have to setup a blogging website before you can submit an article. And it has to be a paid domain, which will cost you $12 usd (~P600) for a one-year subscription. It will make you take a step back and consider if this is just a scheme to make you buy a domain. I was hesitant but I also really wanted to try and so I did a quick search and found some reviews regarding writing with Travelicious and it seems legit.

The site also gives strict instructions on how to setup the blog and format articles. They also offer several training modules for freelance writing and blogging, which somehow adds a bit of credibility to them.

But of course, it’s still not an assurance I’ll still need to take a leap of faith. And I did. At the worst case, I’ll lose the $12 usd, have a domain and finally fulfill my long overdue dream of having a blog. Not so bad. At the ideal case, I’ll have all of that and also get paid $40 for an article I’ll probably write in a day or two (I know it can be done in a few hours, but I like taking my time).

After around 48-hours my blog was approved and I can already start submitting articles. Right now, I’m on my way to submitting my first article. It says on their site that payments are done every Friday through PayPal. I’ll update you regarding whether this actually pays or not.

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